There are 3 simple steps to taking your business international and I’d be thrilled to help you implement them.

Step 1:

Make Yourself Available to Worldwide Clients.
Don’t leave money on the table just because you don’t speak the same language as the people who need you.
Translate your Core Branding Materials to Perfection 

As a multi-lingual translator, it is my pleasure to help you flawlessly translate all of your titles and tag-lines, a short bio, your testimonials, and all other content writing a business-savvy person can use for an international landing page, usually including downloadable free gifts I always recommend you offer clients. Your signature package should have the language down pat to the last letter – and I can help it get there.

Step 2:

Make it Visual, and Make it Viral

Visual messages will always be the very most powerful. Why? Because our brains are wired to associate strong emotions with the right visual cues. Our brains’ visual memories can often last for a lifetime, and the emotions associated with these memories can easily be called into the present with similar images that evoke our memory. This is the reason that photographers prefer models with big eyes, that we associate with our childhood, and the reason that people from happy childhoods tend to wear bright colors when they get older.

Visualization can be used through videos – or, as I personally highly recommend – a PICTURE BOOK. We all want to be reminded of our carefree childhood days, and the faith, confidence, and super-human abilities it brings out in all of us.

Let’s get your picture book printed! 

E-mail me at with the subject Picture Book and someone will contact you right away to get the process started.

A picture book is fun, engaging, and a unique method of breaking down your business in a painless, simple format, so everyone can understand it.

Years ago, I worked for a renewable energy company that had developed innovative systems for producing clean energy. At the time, renewable energy, and the unique system the company had created, was not something investors could easily understand, or for that matter comprehend the benefits of. Yet my job was to show these investors that this was a highly beneficial, viable concept – so I created a PICTURE BOOK, that made it possible for number-oriented executives to mentally quantify the creative qualities that could make the clean energy system a success.

The result  was that I ended up being booked on multiple stages to speak about our new technology, therefore enabling me to network with and reach out to an ever-expanding web of investors, clients and partners, so that the company could feasibly venture into new and different markets.

How many books do you have in your office, bedroom, kitchen or home library that you have been planning to read for years, but never gotten around to? There is, quite literally, not enough time in our days to read all those books we want to. That is why a picture book can be such a hook when explaining a business – people want to read, but they want to read what they’re reading for no longer than the time it takes to drink their morning coffee.

So, are you ready? 

Simply email with the subject Picture Book & we’ll get started right away.

Check out this video to see what Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington himself  has to say about working with  me:

And, of course, I created a picture book for Kevin also for his audience in Latin America. If your Portuguese is fairly decent, check it out here.

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